Saturday, April 30, 2011

My Rhinoplasty Experience


so this is a fairly off topic post on my blog but its kind off all that's going on in my life right now so i decided i'd share my experience,

if you follow me on twitter or you watch my youtube videos then you'll know i had to have surgery on my deviated septum,
 i had a septo-rhinoplasty. Most people would associate rhinoplasty with cosmetic "nose-jobs" and while that is in essence what i had done it was not for cosmetic reasons.

My problem first became obvious when i was about 12 i was having a lot of trouble with headaches and i started to notice that my nose was starting to look crooked and had a bump on it, i went to seen an ENT specialist who told me that  i was just being vain and there was nothing wrong. I knew something wasn't right though and my doctor referred me for  a second opinion , the second doctor was much nicer and told me that while there was a problem there was nothing they could do for me until i was 16 because the bones were still growing and operating at a young age could cause more damage.

When i was 16 i was reassessed and offered surgery to correct the breathing in my nose just after my 17th birthday, unfortunately as the time approached my mum was very ill with cancer and she died just a few days before i was due surgery so i was put back to the end of the waiting list as i was obviously in no state of mind to have surgery.

A few weeks ago i was offered a consultation with a surgeon in dublin who informed me that my condition was actually getting worse and two of the bones had collapsed, my nose was visabley crooked but as i got older it bothered me less and less but the surgery was still necessary to avoid serious medical problems in the future.

So on wednesday april 27th i was admitted for rhinoplasty. I was under general anastaetic so i remember nothing after i was wheeled into theatre but when i woke up i was very sick, my surgery had taken 4 hours and was only meant to take three, this meant they had to top up my anastatic levels which can strengthen the side effects, the next morning however i felt much better and i was discharged from hospital.

Three days after surgery I am beginning to feel normal again but i am still very tired and can't really go out of the house. I'm including some photos of how i look i hope they don't upset anyone.

I have to return to the hospital next week to have my splints and my cast removed and i will update after that

thanks for reading

Sarah :)

Friday, April 22, 2011

L'oreal Sublime Bronze Express Pro - Review

hey guys,

sorry about the blog neglect, joys of the college life,

anyway i'm going to share with you my experiences of the loreal sublime bronze self tanner,

I was so excited to try this tan ever since i saw the ad for it featuring the beautful Doutzen Kroes , however on first use i am greatly disappointed.

My first problem with it is that from the ad i was under the impression that it was a tan that showed up instantly but i was wrong it is actually a developing tan which takes between 8 and 12 hours to fully develop, now this wasn't a huge problem for me because i usually prefer this type of tan anyway but that's where the positives end unfortunately.

 It's a spray mist tanner which i usually find quite easy to apply and this was no exception, or so i thought  after the developing time however i was proven wrong, i was left with golden bronze hands, feet and decolletage and pasty white everywhere else , aside from a few patches here and there.

The colour that resulted was a lovely bronze colour but the results were so inconsistent that it has kind of put me off.

I would recommend this tan to someone who is an expert in applying mist tans but for someone who's looking for an easy, "express" colour, i would advise you keep looking.

:) xx