Friday, May 6, 2011

Shopping my stash :)

Hey Guys,

I decided today that since I'm pretty much on a spending ban until i get to Boston and i really felt like buying some new makeup to make myself feel better, that i would go through my makeup collection and fall in love with / resurrect some old products.

This proved very successful and i suggest everyone try it , its amazing the things we forget about

1) Too Faced bronzed and the beautiful set- bought in Paris last September but only used a few times, so perfect for summer :)

 2) Gosh lipstick in Darling- my perfect nude colour :)

3) Urban Decay Multi-Benefit skyscraper mascara- This used to be my go to mascara before i found makeup forever smokey lash. It adds amazing volume and length and its brand new in the box :P

4) Stila Lipglaze- Pink Grapefruit- So pretty for summer :)

 5) Soap & Glory- Sexy mother pucker - this came in the big box set i got for Christmas and its literally never been used , its a super pretty corally colour

 6) Joico K-Pak re constructor  -split end mender -used to be my favourite hair care product, hopefully will be again :)

 Mac eyeliner- Teddy-such a pretty bronze colour ,can't wait t start using it again :)

And that's it, let me know if any of you shop your collections and find some gems :)



Thursday, May 5, 2011

Hello guys :)

so today was probrably one of the best days of my life

today i had my slints and cast taken off my nose,

It's been 8 days since i had my surgery and while it wasn't really sore at any stage the cast was starting to get really uncomfortable.

I met my surgeon in his private clinic this morning and oh my god was i nervous, even though i wasn't having the procedure for cosmetic reasons i was so afraid it would look awful.

I was worried for nothing, when he had everything taken off the first thing he asked me to do was to breathe through my nose, and SHOCK HORROR, i could for the first time ever in my memory. I'm still getting used to how strange it feels :)

The next think he asked me to do was go look in the mirror, and as soon as i did i broke down in tears, even though i didn't feel that the appearance of my old nose bothered me when i saw it straight i was really emotional. No longer to i have to be self concious of my nose :)

It did bring an element of sadness to the day however because i do wish my mum could be here to see it as she was the one who was with me to start this journey 7 years ago but after a sneaky little cry with my cousin who was with me for support we were back to admiring the job

I cannot speak highly enough of my surgeon who has done everything he can to help me this last week.

Thanks for all the supportive comments and tweets  :)



P.S i'm throwing in a pic of how i look right now, makeup free so excuse that but no cast so yay :D