Friday, April 22, 2011

L'oreal Sublime Bronze Express Pro - Review

hey guys,

sorry about the blog neglect, joys of the college life,

anyway i'm going to share with you my experiences of the loreal sublime bronze self tanner,

I was so excited to try this tan ever since i saw the ad for it featuring the beautful Doutzen Kroes , however on first use i am greatly disappointed.

My first problem with it is that from the ad i was under the impression that it was a tan that showed up instantly but i was wrong it is actually a developing tan which takes between 8 and 12 hours to fully develop, now this wasn't a huge problem for me because i usually prefer this type of tan anyway but that's where the positives end unfortunately.

 It's a spray mist tanner which i usually find quite easy to apply and this was no exception, or so i thought  after the developing time however i was proven wrong, i was left with golden bronze hands, feet and decolletage and pasty white everywhere else , aside from a few patches here and there.

The colour that resulted was a lovely bronze colour but the results were so inconsistent that it has kind of put me off.

I would recommend this tan to someone who is an expert in applying mist tans but for someone who's looking for an easy, "express" colour, i would advise you keep looking.

:) xx

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